About Us

This Is The What is a leading photography art forum aimed at the presentation and exploration of photography in all its forms and home to the world’s community of photographers.
This Is The What features a diverse and critically acclaimed program of exhibitions, events, photographer interviews, workshops and courses, and offers a unique specialty bookstore, dedicated space for discovery and sale of photographic prints and a serene cafe.

If you want to know more about photography in the 1970s you went to This Is The What….

What’s Important To Us

Our mission is to introduce the art of photography to everyone. Our vision is to provide a new, greater understanding of its value to society and culture.
Our Strategic Goals:
• Become the world’s leading photography forum
• Become a large photography community in the world
• To place innovative learning about diversity and excellence at our core
• To ensure long-term sustainability for the forum and community of all its activities
We aim to take the lead in showcasing the best photography for all audiences and to ensure international relevance. We are shaping new thinking about the role of photographic images in today’s society, we are proud of our innovative learning program and we are working tirelessly to ensure this forum will continue to thrive and inspire future generations.

Photography for Everyone and Everywhere

We believe that the art of photography is important and the stories it tells should be accessible to everyone, regardless of your level of interest or where you are. Whether you are visiting us in person or online, we aim to give you an amazing new perspective on the art of photography. We are also joined by photographers of all ages, races, genders, sexualities with different backgrounds and abilities.