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Ozier Muhammad/NYTimes

Nelson Mandela – Ozier Muhammad

Lens Blog has a nice post up today with photographer Ozier Muhammad on his coverage of the incredible Nelson Mandela. One of my favorite quotes from the piece: “I think that Mr. Mandela is truly a leader who has affected the mind-set of every political party in developed nations. I […]

Women Photojournalists of Washington 2013

Women Photojournalists of Washington 2013

I was one of the (and very humbled) judges for this years WPOW 2013 Exhibition. There was some amazing work to choose from, and I know the show will be beautiful. If you are in DC this Saturday, please stop by! Full invite, here.    

Deborah Turbeville - the New York Times

Deborah Turbeville & Lou Reed

Note — So I wrote this little thing about Deborah Turbeville a couple of days ago when I first found out, and then last night read about losing the amazing Lou Reed and now feeling overwhelmed by the goings of such creative and magical people and so close together. People […]

Martha Cooper - from the NYTimes

Martha Cooper – Street Art

Love this piece in Lens about photographer Martha Cooper and her role in the graffiti/street art movement. Inspiring. Miss those old trains.. kind of, sort of..

Eugene Richards via Kickstarter

Red Ball of a Sun Slipping Down – Eugene Richards

Eugene Richard’s latest project Red Ball of a Sun Slipping Down is currently being funded by donors via Kickstarter. The book sounds amazing – Mr. Richards revisits photographs that he took in Mississippi from his days as a VISTA volunteer in 1969 as well as newer images shot throughout years of visits […]