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Strike pickets, New York, New York -
Arthur Rothstein -
December 1937 - LOC/via Yale

Photogrammer.. Yale..

Perhaps everyone has already seen this already, but I’m on hour twenty-something digging through these photos and wanted to share on the off-chance someone hasn’t yet.. The photos are from the Library of Congress and were taken during the Great Depression and World War II and are organized via Photogrammer by location. I’m loving […]

William Gedney, Boy in driver's seat of truck. - From the Duke University Library

Re-learning.. William Gedney

Sometimes I get so lost in the great big world of our current picture-takers that I forget sometimes to reflect on the ones that inspired so many of them. Since I did not have a formal education in photography, I feel the need to teach myself its histories on a […]

LOC finds of the day – Rebel Rebel

LOC finds of the day – Rebel Rebel

Mrs. Andrew M. Moreland-Bain News Service, publisher.
Mrs. Andrew M. Moreland-LOC

[between ca. 1910 and ca. 1915]
1 negative : glass ; 5 x 7 in. or smaller.

LOC finds of the day..

New York in Cyanotype

New York in Cyanotype

These prints on the Lens blog of old new york printed in Cyanotype – using a solution of iron compounds – are just stunning. The method of printing gave these images a blue quality. I love how dreamy and haunted they are. See more, here.