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Introducing… Look See Photo

Introducing… Look See Photo

A brief interruption from our regular posts (I promise we will be back with an amazingly talented someone someone tomorrow) to introduce my new company, Look See Photo. I am beyond fortunate to have partnered up with the incredibly talented and image-loving Michelle Wolfe. We started Look See Photo to provide photo editing […]

Hanami #10 Shinjuku Gyoen. 2014 - Matthew Pillsbury/Benrubi Gallery

10 minutes with Matthew Pillsbury

When did you first know that you wanted to be a photographer? At the end of my Yale freshmen year intro photo class, my teacher Lois Conner brought in her work. They were platinum contact prints. I knew immediately that photography of that quality was what I aspired to do. […]

LOOK Magazine, New York City - 1978. From left to right: Regis Pagniez, art director, Paul Slade, photographer of Paris Match, Daniel Filipacchi, President of LOOK Magazine and Eliane Laffont, Director of Photography.

Photo by Jean-Pierre Laffont

Guest Post: Kyla Woods speaks with Eliane Laffont

Ed Note: When Kyla sent me this interview she had done with Eliane Laffont, I wanted to share it on this site. It is also features on Kyla’s website, here, and Musée Magazine.   The Art of Photo Editing, by Kyla Woods Great photo books have the power to ignite the […]

10 minutes with Peter Yang

10 minutes with Peter Yang

When did you first know that you wanted to be a photographer? I discovered photography a year into college. I was feeling pretty lost as a business major and wearing my one wool suit to job fairs in the Texas heat was a bonus drag. I tried out for the […]

Matt Hoyle

10 minutes with Matt Hoyle

Do you remember when you first became interested in photography? I first became interested in photography while I was a Creative Director in advertising and would search online and through books when I needed inspiration for an ad campaign. I was a fan of anyone from David LaChapelle to Nadav […]