March 4, 2014 1:19 pm

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  • Photography schools aren’t a nersssaasy thing.But first of all you should know the basic theory of the combination of aperture and shutter speed settings.You can learn it from many basic photography books.Read a lot about photography as you can and from different countries.Second thing is find out a good photographer to assist with.You will get the basic practice from him.Buy an SLR camera better is a digital one.Start shooting in different lighting and in different camera settings.Write down the things in a book you shoot. for example: you shoot a picture of a bunch of flowers in two or three types of aperture and shutter speed,watch each result, the deapth of field,shadows,frame balance etc and note down all, including the lighting condition at the time of shoot. when you pick up the best shot, you can find that is the best way to shoot that pic. Do lots of experiments. write it down and go on success is yours.

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