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News January 4, 2013 9:16 am

I am slowly working on getting this site redesigned. Its a whole new world for me, so it might be a few months, but it will happen. I wanted to take the opportunity to ask you guys – what would you like more or less of? Is there anything here that you love and would like to see more often? Things that you hate or think I could do better? Are there questions you would like me to ask that I don’t? Are there photographers/editors/buyers/producers that you want to hear from? This blog is definitely my guilty pleasure but since I have a few people looking at it, I want to make it as useful for you as I can, so please feel free to send me suggestions, either in the comments or email me at iamthewhat (at) gmail (dot) com

And if you haven’t, make sure to check out the second issue of This Is That. Its a big issue and its not cheap, I admit, but nobody is making any money off of it, its a labor of love and I promise it will look quite sharp on your coffee table.

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  • First off you’re definitely picking some awesome talent love your latest underwater post. If I could make a suggestion i would say, it would be really awesome to hear from Photo editors, Art buyers, Ad’s, Cd’s, as well. It would be cool to see some side projects / art/ hobbies etc. they are in to. You def get some good honest truths out of folks and give them a moment to sit and reflect on their passions- well done!

    • Thanks, Jordan! I just started a ’10 minutes with’ photo editors (so far two!) and have more coming! Thats a good idea to see what their hobbies/passions are outside of their jobs.. Let me know if there is anyone or any pub. you would like to read about.. xokate

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