This Is That Issue #2 is here!

News December 5, 2012 10:50 am

I’m thrilled to announce that the second issue of This Is That is here! You can get your copy through this link.

I have always loved magazines and despite working in the magazine industry for years, I still find myself hoarding issues and wasting time at newsstands. But something has changed, even for me, and I wanted to explore what a magazine would look like if it was just about the images and the people who make them. This is my dream magazine; totally unsustainable in many ways; completely without profit; made entirely for the image-makers and the people who love them (photos, that is).

Featuring the amazing images and words of Joao Canziani, Justin Fantl, Melissa Golden, Mark Hartman, Daniel Shea & Jake Stangel. Its a big gorgeous issue – 200 pages! – and absolutely inspiring . I think (I hope) it is something that you will want to keep around for a long long time.


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