and we’re back..

Random November 1, 2012 10:37 am

and what a trip it has been! I hope you all had fantastic summers. Can you believe Fall is here?

I had my son at the end of July. On his due date with 16 minutes to spare (I am both nervous and proud that he may be a bit neurotic like his mama). His name is Milo, and I wake up every morning in giddy disbelief that he is mine.

In the short time in-between naps I have been working on the second issue of This is That magazine which should be up for sale in the next 2-3 weeks. I will post a link when its finished and available for purchase. I am working with a web designer to update this site but I am antsy to get some posts out, so.. here goes.. normal posting should resume in the next week or so. If I miss a day or two, don’t think I forgot about you, I am just a clueless new parent on very little sleep, trying to figure this all out.

Thank you for your kind emails and comments while I was away. They meant a lot during those sleepless nights.

Love, Kate

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