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I can’t tell you how many times I have attempted to write this post. Its ridiculous. Bear with me for a moment.. because change has always scared me and now I’m about to nose-dive into the biggest changes I will ever know. I am days away from having my first baby. I will be taking the next couple off months off from the blog to learn how to be a mum. Oh my. (Really, the next several decades but even thinking that just seems too daunting).

In the meantime, I will be finalizing the second issue of This is That magazine, which is looking fantastic and will be published in the Fall. I will be keeping all of you updated on its progress. I am also going to put a little more fancy into the blog, so expect larger photos and easier searching when we all reemerge.

So, there it is. I’m not sure why this took so long for me to write. I guess this blog has been such a routine for me, its been my morning ritual for years now, I can’t imagine not thinking about it for more than a few days.. but it will be back and filled with more beautiful work and advice and ramblings. Thank you for looking at this site, through emails I have gotten I feel like I am connected to more people than I will probably ever meet. I wish you all a glorious summer and fall. Please have an extra shot in your drink and an extra hour of sleep for me. See you soon.



  • Best of luck to you! None of us know how to be parents, we’re all just wingin it. Hopefully in the end we’ve instilled some good values, some insightful knowledge (which they will ignore) and maybe, just maybe, didn’t screw them up as much as our parents did us! I think that’s the best we can hope for.

  • Thanks for all the hard work Kate! You deserve a little time off. Enjoy your time away with the little one!

  • Nguan

    Congrats and all the best Kate!

  • François

    congratulations, and enjoy the new start!
    thank you for the great job you’ve done best wishes for the next ones!

    • Thank you, Francois! We will be back up and running in a few weeks with some exciting new changes (nothing big, just better!) So happy that you enjoy the blog.. All the best, Kate

  • Congratulations! I’ve had this site bookmarked for about a year, and have enjoyed it so much. With the knowledge of your current state of being, it warms me to know that you didn’t let your gem of a website go. Thanks for keeping it up, as it’s been your morning ritual, it has been mine as well.

    Best of luck <3,

    • Hi Eleanna!
      Thank you so much for your comment, what a wonderful thing to read! I have been working on the blog and really excited about some of the new additions (a new design so the images will run larger, interviews with some new and exciting people.. yada yada) It warms me that the blog is part of your morning ritual! thank you thank you! -kate

  • Congratulations….keep us posted…
    Laurie K

  • Kate, long time reader, first time commenter. I think we’ve also swapped a couple of e-mails.

    Anyway, just wanted to say congratulations, and to let you know how important your blog is.

    The questions you ask are the questions I want to ask. There is no textbook or course even that can “teach” you to be an artist, and this blog is by the far the closest thing.

    Inspiring and incredibly useful, come back soon please! thank you!

    • Andy! Thank you so much for your note, means a ton. TITW will be full of new posts in the next few weeks.. using my maternity leave to do some work on the blog which has been great!
      Thank you for being a long time reader and for all of your support..! xkate

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