Magnum Contact Sheets

Spotlight on May 31, 2012 10:15 am

If you follow this blog at all (and I mean that loosely, it could be once every few months)..  you might be sick of me going on about looking through the contact sheets as a wee Magnum intern many moons ago.

Still.. it was pretty fucking amazing to see. Not only that yes, my favorite photographers took crappy pictures, too, but the editing process; the grease pencil marks, the decisions that were made so that now we remember that one image instead of the one next to it. I believe seeing those markings, seeing how many shots it could take to get to the one, recognizing how objective an edit is, got me into being a photo editor in the first place. If you are only seeing one image from a shoot, it better be good.

I received Magnum Contact Sheets as a gift over six months ago and I have been too distracted by it to mention it here. Edited by Kristen Lubben (dream job) its fantastic. A few of my favorite pages, including of course the extreme close-ups of the brave Joan Crawford shot by Eve Arnold..


  • I remember you yelling about these contact sheets. Immense jealousy wells in my soul when you speak of them and that amazing book.

  • Thanks for the memories of interning at Magnum. Thumbing through all those contact filled binders was truly an amazing experience, and one I will never forget. I will have to check this book out and see if the experience is anything close.

    • Thanks, Jeremy! Weren’t those binders incredible? Its not the same but its as good as it will get I guess..

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