NYC Municipal Archives.. Photos of the Day

Historic May 9, 2012 12:24 pm

Have you guys been checking out the NYC Municipal Archives? Old New York, blue prints, police homicide records, permits for the first subways? I think I’m in love..

Close-up of Dizzy Gillespie: 1974-1977-Municipal Archives

Case Number: 211537 Case: People vs. Charles Luciano, et. al. B-Number: 120377 Crime: Penal Law 2460 Description: Copy of mugshot of Mildred Balizer: Municipal Archives

"Double homicide Street where Michael Santarto & Joseph Mazzarella were shot and killed. Santarto was just married & was called from his wedding feast out into the hallway & killed. Det. Kenney 2nd br on case 4/30/16 #1176" - Municipal Archives

Two men and a woman seated at table. She may be a performer with African Dance group, large pocketbook on table. 1935-1941-Municipal Archives

Description: Young woman and boys in Grecian robes dance October 12, 1927 - Municipal Archives

  • Subway Construction: Worker stands on platform in circular tunnel. August 1903 – Municipal Archives
  • Washington Square Park: Children and adults splashing in fountain.July 1935 – Municipal Archives

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