Lynsey Addario and the Saudi Life

News September 15, 2011 7:47 am

I am one of the millions that count Lynsey as one of my favorite photographers. It’s not an original love but its so well-deserved. Her recent series on Saudi Life is on  VII’s site.

“In Saudi Arabia, a traditionally closed society, the modern city of Jeddah is opening up. Saudi’s flood the shopping malls, cafe’s and even lakes in search of recreation and fun. Though still governed by tradition and cultural taboo, women are holding jobs and some even daring to drive.” – VII


A Saudi woman talks on the phone as she is driven by a driver out for the evening in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. - Lynsey Addario/VII

A Saudi woman shops for lingerie at a mall in Riyadh. Because of laws implemented under Sharia Law restricting women from working, there are male salesmen working in lingerie shops like this one throughout Saudi Arabia. - Lynsey Addario/VII

Saudi women pray alongside a group of Indonesian tourists in Jeddah. - Lynsey Addario/VII

Riam Darwish checks notes on her computer during a presentation by Ahmad Al-Shukairy, a popular television personality. - Lynsey Addario/VII

A Saudi woman works at an events management company in Jeddah. - Lynsey Addario/VII

Young Saudis swim and jet ski at Durrat Al-Arus, outside of Jeddah. The beaches around Jeddah are among the few places where Saudi Arabia's religious police do not have a presence, and young men and women are able to swim and hang out freely. - Lynsey Addario/VII

Roua Al Madani, managing director of an events management firm, sings to her friend as they ride around the beach outside of Jeddah. - Lynsey Addario/VII

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