Library of Congress finds of the day: Darkrooms

Random September 14, 2011 8:23 am

I was terrible at printing.. I always forgot the measurements, lost track of time, got lost in whatever music I was listening to. But I miss it terribly.. what I wouldn’t do for a dark room to escape to while seemingly having some purpose.


Deerfield Academy. Memorial Hall, large darkroom Creator(s): Gottscho-Schleisner, Inc.,- 1952 Sept. 23.

The artist's van Other Title: The photographic van with Sparling on the box Creator(s): Fenton, Roger, 1819-1869 photographer


Savannah, Georgia (vicinity). View of Fort McAllister and Cooley's photographic tent Creator(s): Cooley, Sam A. (Samuel A.), photographer Date Created/Published: 1864 December.


  • i’m sure you already know this work, but just in case you don’t, these photographs of modern darkrooms by richard nicholson are amazing. and make me terribly nostalgic for spending time in the dark.

    • Bob! Yes I do know his work but thank you for reminding me.. it is such a nostalgic feeling for me.. Sometimes I just want to smell it. Perhaps my fortunes could be made in bottling the scent and selling it as perfume to people like us?

      • that would be excellent. the smell of the darkroom is one of my favorite things. i love walking by the exhaust from labs on the street (which happens much less these days) maybe it could just be a darkroom scented air freshener?!

  • this is actually a brilliant idea. let’s do this. if nothing else, it would be the best promo ever (we could even make it like one of those tree/car air freshners)!!

    • that would make an excellent promo. i just did a quick search- custom printed air fresheners are cheap. but the cost of custom scented ones was unclear. i’ll do some more research.

  • we are going to have to plan a trip to do some market research.. road trip to all of the photo labs in the east coast?

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