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News September 8, 2011 8:17 am

it’s getting closer and close to that day, the day when living in New York is not so much fun.. when we all inevitably go to ‘where was I when’ and sometimes even asking the person next to us, leading to an awkward conversation full of silence.

I was in Amherst when it happened. I grew up a ten minute walk to the buildings, they were my navigator when walking home after school, my ugly North Star, that led me the way back to Soho. I was so angry, from the pit of my stomach angry, that I was not home that day. On the news they showed street signs twisted from the heat, I knew those signs, they were mine and I wanted to be home. It didn’t make any sense. Nothing did that day, as my friends and I crammed ourselves into a tiny car and sped to the nearest hospital to donate blood. The line was long and we made small talk with the people waiting, like nothing ever happened. I had finally gotten the needle in my arm and a bag nearly full when I heard on the TV that the blood wasn’t needed. I went back home a couple weekends later and the bedroom that I had spent high school reaked of electric fires and other things I could not name. Yes nothing will be the same and hasn’t been and can’t be. I find myself wanting to go away for the month of September, so much of it seems to be for shock value, for selling issues, for who was closer to what, who felt it deeper.

I know you have seen enough. Personally, I would like to crawl into a shell for the next few days.. but since there is always more to see.. Time has put together a powerful slideshow, here, curated by photographers and editors.

Patrick Witty - from TIME Lightbox


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