Searching for Tiger in the Library of Congress

Historic May 4, 2011 8:05 am

I think the word ‘tiger’ was in my head after watching the Martin Schoeller video of the behind the scenes TIME shoots and his shoot with the ‘tiger mother.’ I love seeing what comes out of a one word search in the LOC. I’ve said it before, but give me a key to that building and a sleeping bag and find me in a year or two..

Between savage and tiger. Tiger entering hut in which child is standing; c1914 Feb. 14.

Enid, Oklahoma. Tiger, a six-month-old Great Dane, earned his sergeant's stripes the hard way, by rousing a whole barracks of men at the Oklahoma flying school each morning. His cold nose against a soldier's cheek is the signal to get up. His master, Lieutenant Robert E. Davidson of Enid, is lifting the 125 pound Tiger into a plane; 1942?

John J. McGraw/Hugh Jennings, New York Giants, Detroit Tigers, baseball card portrait; 1912

Man tied to stake with Hindoos clustered about shaking fists at him, etc.; c1914 Feb. 14

Three quarter length of woman in riding costume; c1914 Feb. 14

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