NY Magazine – The photographers that Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros left behind

News May 17, 2011 7:55 am

I’m sure most of you saw this story in last weeks New York Magazine, but for the few of you who missed it – Christopher Anderson took the photos, which fill most of the piece. The chart showing a small image that each photographer took was a nice touch, as I know many of the images but (thanks to my terrible memory) not who took them. Even better to see them larger in the slideshow, here. I’m amazed, looking at these people standing together, how much their work has effected me, how important their jobs are, how big the loss is, how incredible that they are just standing there – just people, human beings without any obvious super powers, brave souls who lost their friends.

“I don’t think Chris would consider himself a war photographer,” says Spencer Platt. “We’re part of a dying breed of photojournalists, the all-arounders. We’ll shoot anything: the Westminster dog show, business stories, fashion, sports.” Platt was scheduled to go to Libya to relieve Hondros. “It was a very tough week, but also a week where I think the profession, especially in New York, recalibrated itself and reminded itself of why we do this.” – Spencer Platt

Michael Kamber, Lynsey Addario, Ashley Gilbertson, Alan Chin - Chris Anderson/NYMagazine

Gary Knight, Ron Haviv, Benjamin Lowy, Stephanie Sinclair, Peter van Agtmael - Chris Anderson/New York Magazine

Joao Silva - Chris Anderson/from NYMagazine



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