Lillian Bassman

Spotlight on April 14, 2011 9:12 am

Lillian Bassman. Betty Threat, Harper's Bazaar, New York, c. 1957/From the Staley Wise Gallery website

Lillian Bassman. Barbara Mullen, Harper's Bazaar, New York, March 1950/From the Staley Wise gallery website

Lillian Bassman.Night and Day Yasmeen Ghauri, Gown and Shawl by Emanuel Ungaro Parallele New York Times Magazine The Plaza Athenee, New York, November 1996/From the Staley Wise gallery website

These are just so beautiful I can’t stand it. Fashion photography is definitely not my area of expertise. I dislike anything too perfect and drift towards the work of the amazing Deborah Turbeville. These are so lovely. See more at the Staley Wise gallery website, here.
(thanks, mum)

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