Sally Mann, Proud Flesh

Spotlight on March 22, 2011 11:10 am

Nice interview on NPR’s site with Sally, here. Her husband, Larry Mann is the main focus in her latest body of work, Proud Flesh. (Oh, but you have seen the documentary, What Remains, right? I won’t remind you again)

Also, don’t you just love this shot of some of her darkroom supplies? Having grown up in studios smelling like oil paint, tar, wax and turpentine and then loving the smells of my college darkroom, just looking at this makes me want to open up all the tops and take in the fumes. I blame this desire on my terrible memory.

“It’s not a lack of confidence because I can’t argue with the fact that I’ve taken some good pictures,” Sally says. “But it’s just a raw fear that you’ve taken the last one.” – Sally Mann

Melissa Block/from the NPR website

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