LOC finds of the day.. those foxy times..

Historic March 9, 2011 9:26 am

Jim Corbett & Mrs. Marquard at game, 1913 Oct. 7/LOC

a nod to that cute girl on the right giving Mr. Corbett the sly eye..

Miss Genevieve Ebbets, youngest daughter of Charley Ebbets, throws first ball at opening of Ebbets Field, 1913 Apr. 5/LOC

..and check out Miss Genevieve.. Hand on hip while throwing her pitch.. good golly.

/LOC”]Well hello there woman in the middle with your excitable feather hat and that knowing smile of yours.. I can make a million really bad jokes here but I’m pinching myself not to.. She likes that he knows how to handle that machinery, all I’m saying, k?


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