A bow to Elisabeth Biondi (nod just doesn’t seem good enough)

Tribute March 16, 2011 9:03 am

I love this piece the New Yorker did to celebrate Elisabeth Biondi’s time (15 years!) as the visuals editor. They had photographers submit images from some of their favorite shoots that they had done with her. I love what they wrote about working with her, her excitement for their work and in getting good shoots in — be sure to also read this great interview with Elisabeth here, too.

Martin Schoeller/from the New Yorker website

*a moment for personal reflection? oh ok, if I must!

Soon it will be my last day at a job I have had for over four years. I am leaving my comfy cubicle for a very exciting opportunity, to work with someone I really admire. Change and me are not always friends. Although change is usually good to me, I still don’t trust it. I like my schedule, my regular route, I like knowing how to do everything the way it should be done. I’m not a huge fan of asking all of the basic (dumb) questions, but I am beyond excited to continue working in this photo world and being surrounded by all this creativity. Looking at a slideshow like this, reading photographers who have been so inspired and driven by an editor is very uplifting for a girl who is ready for some change.

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