Phonograph of the day – Duston, Sardi’s, New York

Historic January 27, 2011 8:38 am

Last week my mum took me to see the show Time Stands Still, with Laura Linney who I adore, playing an injured photojournalist coping with her recovery and desire to go back to the zone. It was pretty great and the icing on the cake was after 45 minutes of running around Times Square (the ass crack of Manhattan, in my humble opinion) looking for somewhere decent to eat, Dus had a flash of brilliance and we walked over to Sardis. The infamous restaurant filled with celebrity drawings and classy dressed people.. it was pretty empty which bummed us out at first, but we got the best seat in the house and I had a total blast hearing my mum’s memories of the place. I could look around and imagine it full of people in leisure jackets, smoking long skinny cigarettes and eating things with mint jelly (why the mint jelly I have no clue, but its vivid). I love old New York. Obsessed, and so it was a perfect evening.

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