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Spotlight on,Tribute November 2, 2010 11:34 am

If you haven’t seen it, I couldn’t recommend the documentary on Sally Mann, What Remains, more highly. I love Sally Mann’s work, but even if you are in the middle, or maybe even on the other side, you will still enjoy it. If you miss the darkroom, if you ever want to move to the country and take pictures and print and print in your solitary room, watch it. If you are interested in Sally Mann’s side of things after releasing Immediate Family, watch it.

I can’t describe my darkroom missing.. I miss it being a few minutes away from my dorm.. I miss not knowing what time it was, I miss being unreachable, and not knowing that nobody was calling me anyway. I miss listening to bad music on my headphones, music that nobody in my school would really dig, but it didn’t matter because they couldn’t hear it anyway. I was terrible, terrible at printing. I mean I got OK, I got decent, but then I would just stay up all night making hundreds of shitty prints instead of two great ones, because I loved doing things much too fast. I love that Sally Mann talks about her prints and the mistakes she makes and how much those mistakes help her work. This link goes to the video on Netflix.. Just watch it, K? If you don’t like it you can take me out for a beer and I’ll refund your dollars and we’ll call it even.

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  • Wait! I get to take YOU out for a beer if I don’t like it? That’s a fantastic way to get free beer! But sorry – you’re out of luck. I LOVED the documentary – thanks so much for turning me on to it.

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