Paolo Pellegrin – T Magazine

Spotlight on,Tribute October 18, 2010 12:40 pm

I love love love it when I get lazy and don’t pay attention to the photo credit – which rarely happens and usually only does during hangover brunch – and I think to myself ‘well, this is kind of amazing’ and then I see its someone I know and adore and its just a little surprising in that context*. Paolo Pellegrin is so good.. so so good. Another Magnum guy, of course. Anyway, I was only a little surprised to see his name while skimming through the T Magazine. There is something so special that happens when editorials hire someone unexpected, take a little risk, and it comes out spectacular.

When I got home I checked to see if there were any special features the Times did for the series and – voila! – they did. Looks pretty good, let me know if you think otherwise. Anyway, here’s my view from brunch and here is the Times feature.. gorgeous.

*like when I would stare in awe of the great B&W images in the Chock Full o’ Nuts campaign of ’03. I didn’t know right away that Eugene Richards was the photographer, and after considering that I might be losing it, I was relieved to see it was my idols work.


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