library find of the day – moving

Historic October 5, 2010 2:56 am

We found a place in Prospect Heights, its bigger, has an amazing kitchen and hubby will have his own room (though I know this already, the secret to a successful relationship may be a room of ones on AND a bathroom of ones own – sorry Virginia, but really this is key) so we don’t have everything yet, but were getting there.. New York is so transitory, I never really knew that, because I grew up here and you just don’t think about that stuff. Moving is like, a BIG deal to me, but everyone I know just sighs in false-comradery.. I know you had movers, you!

Anyway, library of congress search of the day with subject ‘Moving’ brings one of NYC movers in horse drawn carts by no other than Walker Evans. Did I mention how much I love the LOC? And then the second titled “Queen Elizabeth and Mrs. Roosevelt both in carriage moving away from photographer.” OK, so first we have some of the earliest paparazzi examples. After that, I just have to say, we REALLY lived like this?? For real, we had feather plume hats, corsets and our horse drivers had such excellent posture and we totally thought that was legit? Awesome.

Walker Evans/From LOC website

Photographer unknown/From LOC website

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