iPads eat paper

News October 21, 2010 7:59 pm

Until recently, most of the photographers that would come in to show me their book would come in with their book. Now its getting pretty common to see iPads, and the occasional laptop. Aside from the convenience that an iPad offers, I know that the cost of printing and the pain of re-organizing images (read this brief post by photographer Jeff Singer here) I still prefer to see a book. I am hiring creatives to work in print and I want to see what your work looks like on paper, all color corrected n’ stuff. It can be  easier to make images look better on screen, getting a perfect print is a bit more tricky (granted, portfolios really can look fantastic on the iPad, see Zack Secklers porfolio on the iPad, here) . On the other hand, it is nice to see what photographers are doing with video. There is rarely an occasion to shoot video at the shoots I produce, but knowing that its an option is great, as we use a ton of video on the web. Perhaps for now its best to do both.. a book for the images and if you shoot video, using your iPad to showcase those.. What do you guys think?

Still from Zack Seckler's portfolio on the iPad

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