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News September 28, 2010 1:22 am

i don’t drive. well, it’s not really don’t, more like can’t yet. i am way too old, but still, no license. the truth is i have built up some kind of phobia, but i like to blame it on being a city kid. one great thing about being raised in new york is knowing, from a very young age, how to ride the subway. and every country that i have visited, even if i have no idea how to ask where i am going, or read the station names, i always have my subway etiquette down. so i may not be a good driver, but i am an excellent rider.

check out these subway stations around the world, from the Metro Arts and Architecture website, link here.

Stockholm, from

Lisbon, from

Pyongyang, from

Stockholm, from

Rio de Janeiro from

Shanghai, from

Kiev, from

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