i <3 libraries!

Historic September 30, 2010 2:13 am

and i always have and i always will.. drop me off at one and pick me up in a few days and i’ll be just fine. i went to a small liberal arts school, and even ‘majoring’ in photography (there were no official majors – focusing, i should say, it was that hippie) i managed to find a way to spend most of my time in that building. i love the smell of library books, i love imagining who has read them and for what reason, i especially love it when things have been underlined, have marked creases or little notes.. and there is nothing like the magic of finding something in a library book – i swear to this, right after college my now-husband and i opened an old book we purchased from the Strand dollar sales and a vintage marijuana leaf fell out – i will not comment on if said husband tried to actually smoke it.

the Library of Congress does a pretty good job of making their photo records visible. i say pretty good, because there must be tons of it and im sure its hard to keep up – though i wouldn’t mind being locked in with a scanner and some water and bread for a good few months. something i do for fun, yeah i know, is close my eyes and click on a random picture on their website, here, and see what it is. i am never disappointed. here is today’s blind item. and brooklyn! amen!

"Vast crowd of trucks and horse-drawn carts at the Wallabout Market, Brooklyn NY" - From the Library of Congress website

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