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Ashley Gilbertson - from the Half King website

Ashley Gilbertson “Dangerous Ground” show at the Half King

Anyone going to the opening tonight for Ashley Gilbertson at the Half King? So many shows.. so little time.. More info, here. The show will be running until March 11th. Ashley’s project centers on a WWII-era ship grounded on a shoal in the South China Sea. Despite its disintegrated state, […]

Damon Winters/The New York Times/Lens Blog

Damon Winters : Double Exposures

Did you guys see this piece by Damon Winters on the Lens Blog? I loved hearing his thought-process on his Double Exposures work (here).

Ashley Gilbertson/VII for the New York Times - Via the NY Times Lens Blog

Year in Pictures

It seems like every time I consider giving up the weekend Times subscription, I open a page with an image that makes me grateful to see it in paper and hold it in my hands. The New York Times Year in Pictures, of course, always does this to me. But […]

CoEdit Collection

CoEdit Collection

My friend, the very talented all-things-photo, Amy Wolff, just launched CoEdit Collection with the very talented photographer, Tim Klein. I was lucky enough to be asked to be one of their first curators – see the group ‘show’ here. CoEdit will be featuring works of photographers curated by a roster […]

Ozier Muhammad/NYTimes

Nelson Mandela – Ozier Muhammad

Lens Blog has a nice post up today with photographer Ozier Muhammad on his coverage of the incredible Nelson Mandela. One of my favorite quotes from the piece: “I think that Mr. Mandela is truly a leader who has affected the mind-set of every political party in developed nations. I […]