Magnum at 65

News July 5, 2012 11:32 am

Just read this article on the 65th anniversary of Magnum. Nice to hear the thoughts on the current members on the relevance of the agency.

“Yes, there are issues in the market,” he says. “And we spent four days discussing these issues at Magnum, and when I got out I went to see Josef Koudelka’s images and it reminded me why I’m part of Magnum. I know that some photographers have big egos, but photography is simple. In the morning, you put a roll of film in your camera – today you don’t even have to do this with digital – you take to the streets, you come back home, edit your photographs and show them. It’s that simple.” – Abbas

Magnum celebrates its 65th Annual General Meeting in Arles. Image © Rene Burri / Magnum Photos - From the Brithish Journal of Photography

Rene Burri/Magnum – From the British Journal of Photography

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