Tom Stoddart: Women of Sarajevo Revisited

Photojournalism May 3, 2012 4:04 pm

This past April was the 20th anniversary of the beginning of the Siege of Sarajevo. Tom Stoddart’s went back to photograph many of the people he had photographed 20 years ago. When a photographer goes back to a site, to a person, to me at least, and especially when the end result is a happy one, it brings so much closure. I wonder what it must have felt like for both the subjects, and Tom, to compare the now to the then. See it on Getty Reportage’s site, here.


SARAJEVO, BOSNIA - 1995: In the dangerous suburb of Dobrinja, Meliha Varesanovic walks proudly and defiantly to work during the Siege of Sarajevo, 1995. Her message to the watching Serb gunmen who surround her city is simple, "you will never defeat us." After the war Meliha revisited the street with Getty Images photographer Tom Stoddart who captured her striking appearence and attitude. Tom Stoddart/Reportage by Getty Images

SARAJEVO, BOSNIA - JANUARY 2012: Meliha Varesanovic pictured at the same place in the Dobrinja suburb of Sarajevo where photographer Tom Stoddart photographed her walking proudly in 1995 during the bloody Siege that claimed the lives of over 10,000 citizens. Tom Stoddart/Reportage by Getty Images

SARAJEVO, BOSNIA - 1992: Tears of anguish for a mother as she prepares to send her confused child out of Sarajevo on a bus promised safe passage by the Serb forces during the siege in 1992. After the war the woman was identified as Gordana Burazor holding her baby son Andre. They left Sarajevo and the war behind and were given refugee status by Australia. Tom Stoddart/Reportage by Getty Images

PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 2005: Picture shows Gordana Burazor who was photographed with her baby son, Andre, in an iconic 1992 picture by Getty Images photographer Tom Stoddart during the siege of Sarajevo. She is photographed here with her son Andre, now 15, at Cottesloe Beach near their family home in Perth, Western Australia. Tom Stoddart/Reportage by Getty Images

SARAJEVO, BOSNIA - AUGUST 1992: A Dog, Man's Best Friend - He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion. A child and puppy in the shattered landscape of Sarajevo. The girl in this picture was identified after the war as Merima Jakupovic with her puppy Smoki. Tom Stoddart/Reportage by Getty Images

SARAJEVO, BOSNIA - JANUARY 2012: Merima Jakubovic Grobovic pictured with a horse, Donna, at the Riders of Hope Association stables where she works as an administrator. Merima who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis was photographed aged 10 in 1992 by Tom Stoddart with her puppy Smoki by a bullet riddled car during the Siege of Sarajevo. Tom Stoddart/Reportage by Getty Images


  • Rogerio Mello

    Life changes. To the best moments.
    Peace to all the people.

  • Good morning,
    Your pictures are beautiful, really. It is touching and moving.
    I wish you all much love and peace.
    Warm Love from Geneva,
    Raphael Bonacchi

  • sandeep

    I never knew pictures can be so inspirational. …thanks for these wonderful images which truly show us power of human will over all other wrong things and about eternal hope

  • The images are amazing. I was born in Sarajevo and escaped with my family when the war started. Art is so important to me and to see people’s stories during the war represented is just incredible. Thank you for caring and spreading love.

    Elmira lilić

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