LOC finds of the day – Glorious Caffeine.

Historic November 2, 2011 3:35 pm

I am slowly trying to week myself off coffee. I don’t have a good reason besides not liking the idea of being dependent on anything.. well, anything in a cup. Yesterday was bad, I went cold turkey and was convinced I was dying around 4:17pm. I ran downstairs and got something with three shots and all was right in this world. Long story behind my searching for coffee photos this afternoon..

Men drinking coffee at the "One Cent Coffee Stand" of the Greater N.Y. Philanthropic Society, New York/LOC

The native mode of grinding coffee, Palestine/LOC

New York, New York. Italian-American cafe espresso shop on MacDougal Street where coffee and soft drinks are sold. The coffee machine cost one thousand dollars/LOC

Bronzed colored maidens assorting coffee, Nicaragua, C.A./LOC

Coffee garden, Damascus/LOC

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