Mark Leong – The Urban Clan of Genghis Khan

Spotlight on September 21, 2011 8:20 am

Beautiful series by the wonderful Mark Leong. See the rest, here.

Leggy models and a child acrobat wait offstage at a pop music concert in Ulaanbaatar. - Mark Leong/National Geographic

Newcomers living in white gers, traditional round dwellings, and other small houses now make up more than half of the capital's 1.2 million people. Ger districts lack running water and other basic services. In the distance a coal-fired power plant helps make the city one of the world's most polluted. - Mark Leong/National Geographic

Real estate magnate Bat-Erdene Khadbaasan instructs his racehorse trainer before Naadam, an annual festival outside the capital. "For an entrepreneur, UB is a great place to be," says Khadbaasan, who rose from chauffeur to tycoon through street savvy, good luck, and the willpower of a nomad. - Mark Leong/National Geographic

A Nazi German eagle trails ink across the tattooed back of a former Buddhist monk, now unemployed. Inspired by the ferocity of Genghis Khan, a growing number of young people are turning to nationalism and fascist symbols to express their rage. They blame government corruption, and foreign business interests, for the sorry state of the country. - Mark Leong/National Geographic

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