Egypt is burning

News February 7, 2011 8:46 am

It has been an emotional couple of weeks in my house. Non-stop Al Jazeera when we are home (if you haven’t been watching the events being covered by Al Jazeera, I strongly suggest it. The coverage is unlike anything you will see on the networks. Streaming live, here). My husband is Palestinian, and I have learned a tremendous amount through him on the history of the Middle East. His emotions during the protest  have been a strong mix of optimism, excitement and worry. I have had a different reaction. Embarrassment for my lack of knowledge in Egyptian history, a burning to get more involved in politics and I have to let this out, I have had the song Revolution by the Beatles in my head for fourteen days straight. I might seriously be losing it.

So you are flooded with photos and videos and journalists and politicians. In situations like this, the sheer amount of media and social media outlets lends for a lot of disinformation, but it also allows us to see from all different points of views. Its a bombardment of news, in the absolute way it should be used. I wanted to find a photo that captured the news in Egypt, but you have probably seen something that has stuck with you, and every picture is adding to the pot of information and every picture is important.

VII Magazine put up this video Egypt Erupts on their site.. I would have nixed the cheesy music in the background, but the street noise and photos by Ron Haviv, Franco Pagetti and Benedicte Kurzen are fantastic. Click on the image to watch and see more on VII Magazines site, here.

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