10 minutes with Jonathan Cherry

Interviews with Photographers February 24, 2011 8:34 am

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

This morning I had porridge, a banana and a glass of water.

First off, your blog Mull it Over is pretty fucking great. When did you start it, what was your inspiration and has it affected your personal work?

MULL IT OVER is a little project I thought about putting together while at University. I graduated in June 2009 and during September & October of that year while living on a farm in France I started to pull bits and pieces together to make it happen. I started slowly by emailing a couple of fellow photographers and it has developed into a really enjoyable side project. I do take a load of inspiration from some of the photographers who I interview so I guess in that sense it does effect my personal work & process. I am in the process of getting some funding to make MULL IT OVER better so if you know of anyone with money do let me know.

Jonathan Cherry

Jonathan Cherry - from the project Greenlands

Jonathan Cherry - from the project Greenlands

You spent a week in Sarajevo and even the few photos from that visit that you have on your site are really wonderful. Do you plan on going back and expanding on that project?

Well, firstly I went to Sarajevo in January on an arts trip with Boat Studio. I spent a week out there photographing and making friends. I have a whole load of images from this series which will be up in the Spring … for now I need some time to make appropriate selections for editing etc. Its worth mentioning that for the last 5 summers I have been working as a missionary in Slavonski Brod, Croatia so I am quite accustomed to the cultural differences and have a good knowledge of the Balkans history. Its an exciting place to be in at this time … the future is set to be interesting.

Jonathan Cherry - Sarajevo, 2011

Jonathan Cherry - Sarajevo, 2011

I love your project, Uniform, those kids have such amazing faces. How did you find your subjects?

In 2008 I contacted a bunch of Boy Scout and Girl Guide leaders asking if I could go along and photograph the kids. Some agreed, others didn’t. It was fascinating to photograph such a large number of children over the 3 month period and to be honest I found editing this series really challenging. It was one of the first times I had used flash on a larger scale so it testing my technical abilities too. During 2011 I plan to go back over these images and make some adjustments and changes.

Jonathan Cherry - from the project Uniform

Jonathan Cherry - from the project Uniform

Jonathan Cherry - from the project Uniform

Whats the last great trip you took, and where do you want to go next?

I guess the last trip I took was to Sarajevo which was in January of this year. Boat Studio are planning another trip in September which I would love to be involved with. I plan to go to Croatia again this summer and hopefully spend some time in India. Secretly I love England and I do enjoy traveling around this landscape. I was in Brighton last Friday attending a talk by Noah Kalina and then I was in Durham on Monday meeting with students. Although the UK is small in comparison to many many other countries … it does have some interesting nooks and crannies.

Jonathan Cherry, Trophy - from the project Blue Watch

Jonathan Cherry, Palm Tree - from the project Blue Watch

Any resolutions for the new-ish year?

Early nights & live on a farm.

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