Mary Ellen Mark

Historic,Tribute December 20, 2010 11:22 am

Always excited to see Mark Ellen Mark photos and her spread in the most recent issue of New York are pretty great. Please take special note of the Beacon High School Prom picture. Oh yes my friends, there are my roots..

See the slideshow here.

Mary Ellen Mark: The Beacon School senior prom in Manhattan, 2004/From

Mary Ellen Mark: Policemen in Harlem during Pope John Paul II's visit, 1979/From

Mary Ellen Mark: On the Staten Island Ferry, 1967/From the NYMag website


  • I just love how much she bring the viewer into the photo. I know these people, or I could, thanks to her introduction.

    I’ve always loved her work, she inspired me to look for the parts of life that don’t always make page 1 above the fold.

    When I first saw her work I was in high-school. From then on I began to flirt with dangerous situations, back allies and the places where the prostitutes hang out. I’d visit the junk stores that are filled mostly with stacks of old porn mags, at the houses of low-level pot dealers, drunks, welfare cheats, and lung cancer patients that still smoked non-filtered cigarettes.

    Seeking the humanity among those that don’t fit in the society pages has always seemed more rewarding even if it doesn’t always pay the bills. I owe MEM a huge thank you for pushing me in that direction and you for reminding me that I need to go back there again – I’ve been away from there too long.

    • Hi Don, I totally agree — you really get the sense that you ‘know’ so many of her subjects. I first saw her work in high-school as well and she was definitely one of the masters who made me want to work in photography. Such an inspiration! Thanks for your comment!

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