10 Minutes with Martin Adolfsson

Interviews with Photographers December 21, 2010 10:29 am

Name: Martin Adolfsson

Location: New York Ciry

I woke up this morning feeling: happy

My dream assignment: Something that will challenge me and also involve interesting people and destination(s).

If cameras turned to stone, I would probably be: a Ninja.

I am inspired by: Situations that require creative thinking.

I am discouraged by: TomTom’s GPS app. I truly hate it.

An editor is most helpful when: When able to create a structure for the client and the photographer without becoming to an*I about the details. Some things can’t and shouldn’t be to carefully planned.

Any New Years Resolutions?: Finish my book project Suburbia Gone Wild and call my parents more often.

(see more of Martin’s work, here. Also be sure to check out his project, Suburbia Gone Wild, here.)

Martin Adolfsson: Derick Holt

Martin Adolfsson: Wiley Brooks

Martin Adolfsson: Atlantic City

Martin Adolfsson: Jean-Michel Bazire Client: Solvalla

Martin Adolfsson: Sonny Rollins - Client Der Spiegel

Martin Adolfsson: Jesse

Martin Adolfsson: My Tropical Island Client: DN Resor

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