Taryn Simon

Spotlight on November 19, 2010 9:32 am

I am in a Taryn Simon mood this morning. Having always been a fan of hers, I have watched her TED talk numerous times and then again this morning for no reason at all.. Must’ve been dreaming of contraband.

Taryn Simon "Bird corpse, labeled as home décor, Indonesia to Miami, Florida (prohibited)"/From website

Taryn Simon "Cuban cigars, Juan Lopez, Hoyo De Monterrey (Foreign Assets Control) (prohibited)"/From website

Taryn Simon "White Tiger (Kenny) Selective Inbreeding, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge and Foundation Eureka Springs, Arkansas"/From website

Taryn Simon "Dynamo III, Studying Magnetic Fields and Impending Pole Reversal University of Maryland, Nonlinear, Dynamics Laboratory College Park, Maryland"/From website

Taryn Simon "Larry Mayes Scene of arrest, The Royal Inn, Gary, Indiana Police found Mayes hiding beneath a mattress in this room Served 18.5 years of an 80-year sentence for Rape, Robbery, and Unlawful Deviate Conduct, 2002"/From website

Taryn Simon "Tim Durham Skeet shooting, Tulsa, Oklahoma 11 alibi witnesses placed Durham at a skeet-shooting competition at the time of the crime Served 3.5 years of a 3,220 year sentence for Rape and Robbery, 2002"/From website

Taryn Simon "Damascus, 2005."/From website

Taryn Simon "Ski Dubai, The fist indoor ski resort in the Middle East, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai"/From website

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