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Spotlight on October 11, 2010 3:04 pm

another terrific web-based photography, Fraction Magazine, im surprised i didn’t know about it sooner but happy that i know about it now (thanks, JM!). big beautiful photos which are categorized by photographer, which i love, simple interface.. perfect!

its such an interesting time, working in print. i am on the young side, but i still feel like a stick in the mud. i am not at all ready to give up paper, and using a computer to read books or ‘flip-through’ magazines just seems wrong. i am easing into it.. after countless hours of internal debate, i called NYTimes to cancel my weekend subscription (which had more to do with some drama between myself and the delivery person than anything else). its true though, over half of it ended up not being read, since i had read the current news before the paper would even arrive or the sections just didn’t apply to me.. and the coupons, don’t even talk to me about that.. so yes, i am getting there slowly, i don’t think that print will ever die, it can’t, i won’t let it — but i do think that web-based editorials like Fraction is what gets people like me to see the other side of things.

check out all of the issues, here.


Paradise in Color by Aline Smithson/From Fraction Magazine



Road Ends in Water by Eliot Dudik/From Fraction Magazine



Heather McClintock's The Innocent: Casualties of the Civil War in Northern Uganda/From Faction Magazine



Daniel Shea's Plume, 2009-2010/From Faction Magazine


also be sure to look at JasonĀ  Houston’s Dying Beautifully which is really quite an incredible story and series, here.


Jason Houston's Dying Beautifully/From Fraction Magazine


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