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Walter Smith

10 minutes with Walter Smith

When did you first know that you wanted to be a photographer? I knew very early in my life that I loved making movies and taking pictures. Probably 9 years old. I started with an old Bell and Howell movie camera of my fathers. In school I was not a […]

Alec Soth via American Photo Magazine

Alec Soth interview on American Photo (An old one but a good one..)

A friend just sent me this interview (how did I miss it..?) and its a few years old so perhaps many of you have already read it. For the others, this conversation with Alec Soth and Dan Abbe on his going from student to professional photographer and all of the things that happened and […]

Morgan Rachel Levy

10 Minutes With Morgan Rachel Levy

When did you first become interested in photography? To the extent which an eleven-year-old can have a meaningful relationship with photography, it was around that age that I really started taking pictures. A couple years earlier, the teenage daughter of some family friends secretly showed me a video she’d made […]

PDN’s New and Emerging Photographers to Watch

PDN’s New and Emerging Photographers to Watch

Congratulations to the photographers chosen for PDN’s New and Emerging Photographers to Watch! Some really excellent work here.. Check them out..

Strike pickets, New York, New York -
Arthur Rothstein -
December 1937 - LOC/via Yale

Photogrammer.. Yale..

Perhaps everyone has already seen this already, but I’m on hour twenty-something digging through these photos and wanted to share on the off-chance someone hasn’t yet.. The photos are from the Library of Congress and were taken during the Great Depression and World War II and are organized via Photogrammer by location. I’m loving […]